Predictors of Healthy Aging – Adult Health and Wellness

There seems to be a formula for healthy aging, suggested by the latest research on centenarians and the research comparing people in their 20's - 40's to those in their 60's - 90's. Some of the predictors of healthy aging include: physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual and sexual. Maintaining health and wellness in each of these areas may [...]

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Childhood Obesity and Lack of Exercise – Epidemic Linked to Childhood and Adult Health Crises

Childhood obesity is a health crisis in America and abroad. Lack of exercise, or physical inactivity, is a major contributor to childhood obesity. The problem is much [...]

Benefits Of Probiotics In Infant And Adult Health

Probiotics are bacteria that help repopulate the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine when it has been damaged through illness, antibiotic use, or poor diet. It has been [...]

Adult Health Clinicals

Adult health provides students with training in the general care of adult patients. Instructors will have lecture about primary care, pathophysiology, medication, patient [...]

Why It Pays to Invest In Occupational Health In Small Business

Occupational Health professionals are now gaining business skills such as cost-benefit analysis (CBA), which can be used to sell OH services or gain funding for changes [...]